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Drainage solutions tend to be generalized as being unattractive but necessary. But with these 11 inspiring solutions, your landscape can stay beautiful while avoiding damage from heavy rains.

1. Use landscaping rock to create a fountain

2. Edge your yard with plants and small rocks to direct the water

3. Install a small grate to collect runoff

4. Design a ditch with rocks to run the water downward

5. Use plant, mulch, and rocks to absorb rainwater as nourishment

6. Design a fountain to direct water away

7. Disguise the gutter with nice landscaping additions

8. Create a dry creek to run water away

9. Small landscaping rocks take the pressure of heavy rainfall

10. A hidden path in the yard will direct your water without being noticeable

11. By designing the entire area with landscaping rocks, you will improve your drainage immensely

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