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Priced per yard.

Black Dirt

$17.00 / per yard.


$30.00 / per yard.

Garden Mix

$40.00 / per yard.

Tailings and Screenings

$0.00 / per yard.

Landscape dirt from Fra-Dor

You could lug individual bags of soil from a retail store (that’ll be your workout for the day) or you could just drive your truck, trailer or whatever you have over to Fra-Dor and load it up with landscape dirt.

Fra-Dor is a leading supplier of black dirt and other dirt products for your Minnesota landscaping projects. Whether you need a garden mix to fill the vegetable garden, soil to fill flower pots, or a healthy topsoil filled with organic material for a commercial project, we have what you need to finish any residential or commercial job well.

Our dirt’s especially great for new homeowners who are re-seeding their property. (We sell seed, too – get both in one spot!)

Reasonable, competitive landscape dirt prices

We sell high-quality black landscape dirt in bulk for reasonable prices. It’s important to us to serve you with the best product for a competitive price. Dirt shouldn’t hurt – as in, it shouldn’t hurt your wallet.

How much dirt will I need?

Many people wonder how much dirt they’ll need to fill a space or cover a property. We have an easy solution for you. Use our material calculator at the top of the website to calculate the amount of dirt you need. Simply enter in the square footage of your area and your depth, and you’ll be given the number of cubic yards to fill it. If you need a large amount, we can deliver your black dirt to you.

I don’t need a whole truck full!

That’s just fine. You don’t have to buy in bulk. Just come and pick up whatever you need at our location in Little Canada.