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Priced per ton.

Screened Sand

$17.00 / per ton.

Coarse Washed Sand

$27.00 / per ton.

Landscape sand for residential and commercial projects

sandbox-with-kidsYou don’t have to sneak to the local beach and shovel sand in the dead of night to get what you need. We sell landscape sand that you can use for all kinds of landscaping projects, both family-oriented and general residential.

If you’re a parent or a grandparent building a sandbox or putting up a playground in your backyard, you’ll need a lot of sand to fill it. We sell our sand in bulk, so you can get lots of it for a great deal. Instead of buying 5 or 10 bags of sand at a home improvement store, you can fill up your truck or have us deliver it to you. With the way kids love to throw sand around, you’ll want to have plenty of it.

Sand is also an easy, simple landscaping tool for filling side areas in your front or backyard that are set apart with brick or stone. You can top a sand-filled area off with a wood or brick decoration, such as a fence or a light post. Our high-quality, low-cost sand is the perfect choice to fill the area.

To determine how much sand you’ll need to fill a given space – like a sandbox, playground, or side yard – you can use our material calculator at the top of our website. Simply measure the length and width of the area, find the square footage, and measure the depth. Then our calculator will tell you how much sand it’ll take to fill your chosen area.

See our selection and prices below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone, email or just stop on in. Check out the Contact Us page for all the details.